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@oclif/core provides a simple ux.action, for more complex progress indicators we recommend using the listr library.


Shows a basic spinner

import {Command, ux} from '@oclif/core'

export class MyCommand extends Command {
async run() {
// start the spinner
ux.action.start('starting a process')
// do some action...
// stop the spinner
ux.action.stop() // shows 'starting a process... done'

// show on stdout instead of stderr
ux.action.start('starting a process', 'initializing', {stdout: true})
// do some action...
// stop the spinner with a custom message
ux.action.stop('custom message') // shows 'starting a process... custom message'

This degrades gracefully when not connected to a TTY. It queues up any writes to stdout/stderr so they are displayed above the spinner.

action demo


Here is an example of the complex workflows supported by listr.

listr demo